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Shenandoah Cinquefoil Botanical Magnet

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Jumbo Botanical Magnet

3.5" x 2.5"

Cinquefoil...bears stunning bright canary-yellow colored flowers. The name of the Cinquefoil is after an Old French word that means "five-leaf." The Cinquefoil in heraldry served as a motif for a man who had achieved mastery over the self, which is the reason many medieval knights vied to emblazon the Cinquefoil's five-fingered leaf symbol on their shield. Greek philosophers and naturalists recognized the medicinal value of the herb. Theophrastus, who was a student and successor of the great philosopher Aristotle, was the first person to describe the remedial and beneficial effects of the Cinquefoil. Herbalists through the ages have been familiar with the Cinquefoil as a remedy for pain or fever.