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Great Smokies Blue-eyed Grass Seed Packet

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Enjoy the natural beauty of the Great Smokies Blue-eyed Grass in your own home garden.

Plant in Spring or Fall, blooms throughout Spring and Summer.

Grows in most climates of the world. Includes complete planting instructions.

Seed packet best planted within two years. Made in the USA.

Approx. 50 seeds, Net wt. 100 mg.
Packet Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 4"

Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium sp.) Mist and mountain clasp hands to greet the day in the timeless rise of Spring as the delicate Blue-eyed Grass lifts its deep blue face to the sun, swaying in the breeze on long slender stems. Found in meadows and open woodlands, the sheer presence of this shy perennial serves as a living reminder of the beauty and peace that is the Great Smoky Mountains.