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California Bouquet Seed Packet

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Enjoy the natural beauty of California wildflowers in your own home garden.

Plant in Spring or Fall, blooms throughout Spring and Summer.

Grows in most climates of the world. Includes complete planting instructions.

Seed packet best planted within two years. Made in the USA.

Approx. 300 seeds, Net wt. 600 mg.
Packet Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 4"

California Bouquet...where else but in California could one find such a dazzling array of nature's colors and contrasts. Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii annual), its name as enchanting as its bright blue blossoms, Mountain Phlox (Linanthus grandiflorus annual) with its elegant lavender and white petals, and the delicate, satiny pink blossoms of the whimsical Farewell-to-Spring (Clarkia amoena annual).