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The Company

The Wildflower Company creates, manufactures and markets wildflower related gift and souvenir products designed for tourist-oriented retail locations found in the most beautiful areas of the United States and Canada.

Our product line includes mailable Wildflower Seed postcards, Wildflower Seed Gardens, Wildflower Home Fragrance Spray, Botanical Wildflower Magnets and a brand new line of inspirational Wildflower Notecards with all products carrying their geographic origin including States, National Parks, Areas, Cities and Specific Locations.


Our Origins

The Wildflower Company is a family business which began in Montana in 1981. Our goal was to provide visitors a memorable and natural remembrance of their visit to special and beautiful areas. The first product line was designed for visitors coming to Yellowstone National Park and was mailable wildflower seed postcards carrying seeds for the wildflowers of the Park.


Our Mission and Values

There is nothing lovelier than a flower nor more essential than a plant. We are dedicated to creating an increased awareness of and a deeper appreciation for one of Nature’s most precious gifts…

the wildflower      


Our goal is to present wildflower products, portrayed an all their natural beauty, to our customers with care and excellence. We will strive to create wildflower products consistent with our values and our deep appreciation for nature. We appreciate your interest in our products…we benefit from your thoughts and we value your business.